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BCS Reaches Consensus On 4-Team Playoff System

The BCS has come to a consensus on a four-team playoff system for college football.

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On Wednesday night, the BCS commissioners committee announced that the group had reached a consensus on a four-team playoff system, which is expected to be implemented in 2014.

The commissioners will be presenting a four-team system proposal to the BCS presidential oversight committee sometime next week and it is believed that the group will also be preparing a four-team, plus-one option as well.

As of this time, there is no specifics available on what the model will be.

Comments from Jim Delaney, the commissioner of the Big Ten, via the Wall Street Journal:

"I hope that whatever we do that we can come up with a system that enjoys more support from participants," Delany said. "Cause there's no doubt about it that the BCS was an improvement over the status quo... Any system can only last so long without support and with just constant criticism."

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