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Belmont Stakes 2012 Contenders: I'll Have Another's Move To Secure Barn Delayed

I'll Have Another, who this Saturday will go for the rare Triple Crown, won't move into his high-security barn on Tuesday, as was scheduled, according to USA Today.

I'll Have Another's trainer, Doug O'Neill, said that the horse would move into the closely-guarded, recently-sanitized barn on Wednesday.

That the horses must be in the special barn is the result of new rules imposed by New York racing officials.

The new location means that Lava Man, a horse that has been accompanying I'll Have Another, must be left behind. From USA Today:

Lava Man, a retired horse once trained by O'Neil l, is a calming influence on I'll Have Another. He led I'll Have Another in the post parade for his victories in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. He leads him back and forth to the track for daily workouts at Belmont Park and is stabled with him....

"We went over there yesterday, and I just think it would be too nerve-wracking for him (Lava Man), so we'll leave him here," O'Neill said outside barn No. 9.

"He'll still chaperone him every morning, but I'm worried that I'll Have Another is such a relaxed, cool horse in the stall. I worry that Lava Man might get a little anxious (in the new barn), and I'll Have Another will wonder what big brother is all anxious about. So we'll leave Lava here. He's settled nicely here, and we'll just move I'll Have Another."

O'Neill is quoted saying I'll Have Another looks good ahead of what might be the first Triple Crown in 34 years.

The New York Daily News also had an article about the delay to the new barn.

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