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VIDEO: FOX 2 Reporter Golfs Through Entire City Of Detroit

In the first ever "I Heart the D Invitational," local FOX 2 news reporter Charlie LeDuff set out to tackle the raw city of Detroit with something slightly different than his award-winning microphone. Instead, LeDuff packed his golf bag with four clubs and a bunch of balls, and began his all-too-telling quest to conquer the par-3,168 course that is the city of Detroit from 8-mile to Belle Isle.


After teeing it up from the Michigan State Fairgrounds, LeDuff did not take a single mulligan despite being forced to hit from lots that hadn't been mowed in years and lies that would make a professional golfer cringe. Undeterred, he then worked his way through the Packard Plant's debris-filled fairways and broken glass greens, and onto the famous MacArthur Bridge. From there, LeDuff finished out his lengthy trip through the city with a final putt on one of the greens at Bell Isle's Golf Club, carding a remarkable 2,525 to finish 643-under par. Here's the full video: