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U.S. Senior Open 2012: Pavin Takes Penalty In Stride After Losing Two Strokes, Share Of Lead

Golf is considered a gentleman's sport and that distinction is often drawn from the way players adhere to the rules of the game when only they may be aware of the infraction.

During the U.S. Senior Open from Indianwood Country Club on Thursday, Corey Pavin wasn't the only one to see his ball move after he grounded his club while preparing to chip his ball on the green at the Par-3 5th hole. Television cameras caught the ball moving which made the penalty easy to call following the round and even easier for Pavin to accept.

"I knew, when I grounded my club on that chip, I saw the ball. I thought it oscillated and had come back to its position. I didn't really think much of it,'' Pavin said. "When I finished, they said they wanted me to take a look. I looked at it on the tape and looked at it in slow motion and looked at it a couple times, and it never oscillated back to its position. It was very obvious.

"The rules say it's a two-shot penalty, and that's the way it is,'' he added.

The penalty dropped Pavin to fourth place with a 3-under 67 instead of a tie for the lead with Tom Kite at 65. The U.S. Senior Open continues on Friday with the second round which will be televised on ESPN2 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET.

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