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Corey Williams' DWI Charge 'Taken Under Advisement'

On Wednesday afternoon, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams' DWI charge was taken under advisement and will be ruled upon next week.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams was in Monticello District Court facing a driving while intoxicated charge stemming from his arrest last year, according to the Monticello Daily News.

On June 18, 2011, Williams was pulled over by an Arkansas State Trooper because the 31-year-old was allegedly crossing over the center line. Williams failed the field sobriety test, was arrested and reportedly blew a .10 on the BAC test (.08 is the legal limit).

In court on Wednesday, Williams' attorney filed a motion to suppress the traffic stop as well as the subsequent charges because they believe that Williams was racially profiled due to the fact that all of the passengers in the car were African-American.

In addition, the swerving of the motor vehicle was explained as a result of Williams driving a Ford F650, which is an unusually large truck with unusually large tires, according to Williams' representative.

Judge Ken Harper opted to take the case under advisement and should make a ruling next week.

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