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Olympics 2012: Nicole Sifuentes Prepares To Represent Team Canada

University of Michigan alum Nicole Sifuentes will be competing in the 1500 meter race for Team Canada at the 2012 Olympics in London.

When the 2012 Olympics begin later this week, University of Michigan alum Nicole Sifuentes will be competing for Team Canada in the 1500 meter track and field race. Sifuentes qualified for the games back early in late June when she shattered her previous best time by recording a 4:04.74 qualifying finish at Mesa College in San Diego.

The time came a month after the 26-year-old Manitoba native missed qualifying for the Olympics by finishing nine-tenths of a second short of the necessary qualifying time of 04:06.00.

Via the Winnipeg Free Press:

"I knew I was close to being on the team, but it's still possible to mess it up or have it slip through your grasp quickly," Sifuentes told the Free Press by telephone not long after the finish. "Top three is not exactly a cakewalk in my event or any other event. There are other people that want to win a national championship.

"The nerves were definitely there today and yesterday."

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