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Olympics 2012: Sam Mikulak First U-M Gymnast On United States Team

Sam Mikulak almost didn't become the first University of Michigan gymnast to make the United States men's Olympic team. The 2011 NCAA Individual champion failed to complete the second day of Olympic trials as a result of an ankle sprain.

For Mikulak, that created some doubt as to his status on the team, but he still had hope. Via The Michigan Daily:

"That was when tensions were high," he said.

But he received a lot of support and help from trainers, who gave him some good news - he was on track for a quick recovery.

"I didn't think (making the Olympic team) was out of the question because once they diagnosed it - it was just an ankle sprain - I knew I could heal from it."

Mikaluk, officially named to the team on July 1, has been training with his roommate, Syque Caesar, who will be representing Bangladesh. Gymnastics at the 2012 London Olympics will begin on Saturday, July 28.

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