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USA Boxing: Christian Media, Filmmaker Among Those Touting Claressa Shields

The Olympics are a media frenzy around the world. But Christian outlets, in particular, have taken an interest in Flint native Claressa Shields.

Shields, 17, will compete in boxing at the London Olympics. And her unabashed attitude about her faith has attracted attention from Christian-oriented media -- and filmmakers.

The Christian Post ran a feature about Shields, which was picked up by Christian Today. Shields is also the subject of a documentary team that is chronicling her story.

From a Christian Post blog post:

"When she lost for the first time in her life she prayed very hard," says photographer Sue Jaye Johnson, who is on a film production team along with two others documenting her journey to and at the Olympics.

"She emerged from that experience feeling like God was trying to send her a message. That she needed to experience a loss and not take anything for granted," Johnson told The Christian Post.

Upon learning on May 18 that she qualified for the Olympics, Shields told USA Boxing, "The first thing I thought was thank you God, I'm so, so happy. You are there, you are hearing me."

It's not just Christian media, though. Germany's eminent news outlet, Der Spiegel, had a feature about Shields -- as well as a five-minute video -- that was published in both English and German.

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