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USA Swimming: Tyler Clary Hoping Looking To Make News Of A Different Kind

Tyler Clary had some not-so-nice things to say about U.S. Olympic teammate, Michael Phelps. He'll be looking to make news of a different kind as he goes for gold in London this summer.

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Tyler Clary caused a little more than a ripple throughout the swimming community recently when he had some not-so-flattering things to say about the sport's golden boy, Michael Phelps, earlier in July in an interview with The Press-Enterprise:

"I saw a real lack of preparation (from) him," Clary said during an interview at the pool here where he trains.

"Basically, he was a swimmer that didn't want to be there," Clary said of Phelps. "They can talk about all of these goals and plans and preparation they have. I saw it. I know. It's different. And I saw somebody that has basically been asking to get beat for the longest time."

Clary is trying to put all of that behind him at the 2012 Olympics this summer in London, where Michael Phelps will be his teammate. Clary qualified for the Olympic team by finishing second in the 200-meter butterfly and 200-meter backstroke at the U.S. Swimming Trials last month.

Clary won three NCAA championships while attending the University of Michigan.

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