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Introducing The Detroit Sports Survey

Mike over at The Detroit Hustle recently came up with the great idea of putting together a survey for fans about the status of Detroit sports. That idea has now become a reality with the debut of the Detroit Sports Survey. The first edition of this survey is 20 questions long and looks for fans' opinions on things like Detroit's most hated rival, the city's most overrated player, the best and worst coaches in the city, how long it will take to win another title and so on.


In general, the purpose of this survey is to get fans' take on Detroit sports. It also serves the purpose of making you think. When going through the survey, I realized that it's kind of tough to quickly name the most hated rival player. As Mike said in his post, the days of Claude Lemieux being the city's No. 1 enemy are gone. It's a lot tougher nowadays to come up with answers to some of the questions.


The Detroit Sports Survey will be open for two weeks. After it closes and the votes are tabulated, the results will be posted on the various blogs taking part in the survey.


Go here to cast your votes.