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Olympics 2012: Syque Caesar Battled Back From Injuries To Compete In Olympics

University of Michigan gymnast Syque Caeser will compete for Bangladesh in the 2012 Olympics in London, overcoming numerous injuries.

via <a href="">Caeser's instagram</a>
via Caeser's instagram

University of Michigan gymnast Syque Caesar has overcome numerous setbacks to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Representing his father's country, Bangladesh, as a dual citizen, he almost didn't make it to this point.

Caesar tore his right ACL in high school and his left ACL in his sophomore season in college but fought back. Just over a month ago, as detailed in an feature by Michael Rothstein, he had yet another injury. It won't keep him out of the Games:

On June 14, Syque received one more setback. One more challenge. He ruptured his left bicep, although this time, the muscle didn't retract. In a lucky break on an unfortunate circumstance, it also meant Syque could still compete in London with caveats.

Syque won't compete on the rings or pommel horse.

"Right now, it's affecting me more mentally than physically," Syque wrote in a June email. "I've been taking this week to get used to how it feels doing all of my skills and gaining all of my confidence back in myself and trust my bicep to do its job.

"I've been doing loads of extra treatment and rehab on it while trying to train smart in preparation for the Olympics."

Caesar's roommate, Sam Mikulak, will also compete in gymnastics, representing the United States. His roommate in the Olympic village? U-M gymnastics assistant Geoff Corrigan.

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