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Medal Count 2012: United States Tied With China At 23 Total Medals After 4 Days

Four days of competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London have wrapped up, and the United States and China each remain deadlocked at 23 medals apiece with the rest of the world struggling to keep up.

The Americans put forth an extremely strong effort that included four golds, one silver and one bronze medal in Tuesday's events, but were matched with the exact same tally by an extremely strong Chinese team. With the next closest competitors, Japan and France, now both at least 10 medals off the pace, it's going to take a big performance over the next few days for an outside country to break into the top two.

Team USA member Michael Phelps chipped in one individual and one team medal during day four, as he used a silver medal in the 200m men's butterfly to tie the Olympic all-time medal record of 18. Phelps then paired with teammates for an easy win in the 4x200m freestyle relay to enter the record books as the only person in Olympic history with 19 medals.

Here's a complete look at the medal count thus far:

1. China, 23 (13 gold, 6 silver, 4 bronze)

2. United States, 23 (9, 8, 6)

3. Japan, 13 (1, 4, 8)

4. France, 11 (4, 3, 4)

5. South Korea, 8 (3, 2, 3)

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