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Madden NFL 13 Ratings: Calvin Johnson The Top Receiver At 99 Overall

Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is really, really good. He's also very well-liked, as evidenced by the fact that he won the vote to grace the cover of EA Sports' Madden NFL 13. Johnson has always been one of the top-ranked guys in the game, but many have wondered what his rating will be for the newest iteration of the franchise. On one hand, Johnson had an insane start to 2011, but he did slow down a bit, and that actually caused him to drop slightly in the week-to-week roster updates for Madden NFL 12.


Well, any worries you had can go right away. EA released the ratings for the top ten wide receivers and tight ends in the game and guess who's at the top? Johnson receives the highest rating you can get in the game, with a 99. Two points separate him from any other receiving target, as Rob Gronkowski, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson share a 97 rating. Vernon Davis from San Francisco rounds out the top five.


The demo for Madden NFL 13 is live for Xbox 360 as of Tuesday morning and will be on the Playstation Network this afternoon as well, though you won't get a chance to play any Lions players until it comes out.