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NHL 13: Pavel Datsyuk One Of The Top-Rated Forwards At 95 Overall

We already took a look at how Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson is set to dominate for Madden NFL 13 players all over, as the top-rated receiver in the game. Johnson has a 99 overall rating, and will terrorize opposing players online so long as he keeps up high level play through the regular season. But he's not the only Detroit athlete who's a star in real life and in video games, nor is football the only sport.


Shortly after Madden is released, EA Sports will push out NHL 13 on Sept. 11, and the Detroit Red Wings will have some solid representation. According to Sean Leahy of Puck Daddy, the best of that representation will come in the form of Pavel Datsyuk, who boasts a 95 overall rating this time around.


That's a significant increase, but EA has changed the way ratings are calculated for this iteration of the franchise. All stats weren't considered in a player's final rating previously - they were instead given ratings based on their specialty. Datsyuk, to his credit, does many things very well and opening up the ratings has made him one of the very top forwards in the game.