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Michigan State's Derrick Nix Becoming A Vegetarian

In an effort to get his weight under control and hopefully realize his full basketball potential, Michigan State big man Derrick Nix announced to his many Twitter followers on Tuesday that he will become a vegetarian for the full calendar year:


When asked to expand upon his decision, the senior center, who is generously listed 270 pounds by the Spartans' official website, mentioned that it was also to honor his grandmother who recently passed, in addition to help get into shape.


Nix reportedly topped out at 340 pounds in high school, and has been visibly hindered throughout his career by a lack of conditioning. Desperate to close his collegiate tenure out on a high note, this is an extremely logical decision for a kid who probably needed to make a life-altering decision about his size anyway. It remains to be seen what type of impact Nix's new diet will have on his play, but it's hard to imagine that he won't be in line for a breakout year with a new physique.