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Lions' Kyle Vanden Bosch Weighs In On NFL Replacement Officials

It's a very real possibility that the NFL could have replacement officials working during the regular season, which isn't the news that many NFL players want to hear. Sporting News took a poll of 146 NFL players and over 90 percent of them felt that the games would be negatively impacted by the new officials.

In the article many players spoke their mind on the issue, but only Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch chose to do so on the record.

"It's hard for guys who've been officiating for 10, 12, 15 years in the NFL to get it right, and there's so much going on and so many rules changes that it'll be difficult if there's guys that have no experience coming in and officiating games. And with the big emphasis on player safety and the changes to player safety, as a player you want to make sure that you have capable officials that get it right."

Vanden Bosch did a nice job of illustrating the concerns of players without putting down the replacement officials or calling them bad at their jobs. Simply put, officiating in the NFL is a whole other beast that takes a lot of time to get right and regardless of the effort put in by the replacements, they're in over their heads.