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London Olympics 2012: Preview, Medal Count For August 6

Michael Phelps may have ended his time at the London Olympics, and indeed ended his career with a bang, but there's still plenty to see and plenty to do as the Olympics turn 10 days old.

Along with the usual slate of track and field, sailing, cycling and other events going on, the women's soccer semifinal featuring the American women taking on Canada will be one of the highlights of the day. Both water polo and basketball will finish up another chunk of their group stage events as well.

China has overtaken the medal count lead once again early on, though the lead is a very passable one medal advantage, 61-60. China does have a two medal advantage when it comes to the most golds race though. A full medal count can be found here.

As per usual, most events can be watched live on as long as you fit the qualifications that they have for showing the streams on your computer. The NBC family of channels will continue to show events on tape delay as well -- the schedules for those events being shown can be found on the same site.

Be sure to stay right here with this StoryStream for more coverage of local athletes at the Summer Games. Also head over to SB Nation's Olympic hub for more coverage from London.