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London 2012: Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti Wins Men's Gymnastics Rings

Brazil's Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti pulled off an upset victory in the Men's Gymnastics Rings final on Monday, capturing his country's first medal of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Zanetti finished with 15.900 points, enough to beat silver medal winner Chen Yibing of China, who had 15.800 points.

Chen -- the "Lord of the Rings" -- was the favorite, as he won gold in Beijing and was also the winner of four of the last five world titles.

Italy's Matteo Morandi won bronze with a score of 17.733.

It's not as if Chen performed poorly, but Zanetti managed to be just slightly better on this particular da, via The Associated Press:

Going last, Zanetti was just a little stronger. When he did an iron cross, suspended in the air with his arms extended, even some fans winced. He held his strength positions for what seemed like hours, the only sign of exertion was the bulging veins in his arms and neck. He had a small step on his dismount, but it hardly mattered.

Just slight flaws kept Chen from another gold.

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