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Pistons Could Have Sponsor Logos On Jerseys Next Season

The Detroit Pistons will likely be putting a sponsor logo on their jerseys during the 2012-13 season, according to The Detroit Free Press.

The NBA has been discussing the possibility of sponsor logos on jersey since the spring. According to The Free Press, the league hinted last month that it would indeed allow small patches on the upper-left part of jerseys.

Dennis Mannion, president of Palace Sports & Entertainment, said that the Pistons would "most probably" take advantage of the sponsorship opportunity.

From The Free Press:

Mannion said Tuesday there have been discussions about offering the space as part of a package with a high-end sponsor.

"The ilk of sponsor that you could attract is typically very big consumer marketers, and they help you with your brand," Mannion said. "So I think we are doing an OK job here in the Detroit metro area with the Pistons brand, (but) there are sponsors out there that can take you to a whole new level and other markets, and that's exciting....

"I think, what we've seen, especially with the Premier League and the success they've had with the commercialization of the jersey, it's been very positive for them," Mannion said. "I love the way the league does business. They are moving very tastefully. They are moving in small steps."

The WNBA has already taken these steps, allowing large sponsor logos to appear under the numbers on the front of jerseys.

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