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Tigers Playoff Tickets For ALDS Not Sold Out Yet

MLB Playoff tickets are still available for the Detroit Tigers' potential American League Division Series, as tickets did not sell out on Thursday when they were released by the team. Tigers vice president Ron Colangelo told that at least 30,000 tickets were sold for each of the three potential first-round games, but that leaves some room for additional tickets to be sold because Comerica Park has a capacity that exceeds 40,000. Of course, the Tigers are still chasing the Chicago White Sox for the rights to the AL Central division title, so perhaps fans aren't ready to invest in a scenario that may not actually happen. That would certainly explain the slower ticket sale trends for a potential Wild Card series -- that situation is an even longer shot to occur.

There isn't really any financial risk for optimistic fans, as full refunds will be given for any games that do no occur, but the more symbolic emotional investment that comes with purchasing playoff tickets before a spot is locked up is what may be at play. If you are interested in landing tickets for the ALDS, you should call (866) 66-TIGER or visit, because those seats are not for sale at the Comerica Park box office.

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