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Calvin Johnson Gives Teammates Autographed Copies Of Madden 13

On Friday, Calvin Johnson was everyone's favorite teammate in the Detroit Lions locker room, as the two-time All-Pro handed out personalized copies of the new Madden NFL 13 with his likeness on the cover. Now before you make accusations that the wide receiver's move to hand out the copies is a vain one, apparently it was something his teammates had been asking him to do.

"They've been asking me for it, so I just wanted to make sure they get it," Johnson told Michigan Live on Friday.

Johnson finished the 2011 season with 96 receptions, an NFL-leading 1,681 yards receiving and 16 touchdowns. He started his 2012 season with six receptions for 111 yards on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, although he didn't find the end zone. The Lions will continue their season in Week 2 when they face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night.

Madden 13, featuring Johnson on the cover, was released on Aug. 28.