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College Football Rankings: Michigan, MSU Remain In Week 4 BlogPoll

The Michigan St. Spartans found themslves on the losing end of a 20-3 game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in their last outing. It was their first loss of the season, and they now sport a 20-3 record. They've got a much easier matchup on Saturday as they'll be taking on Eastern Michigan, but have to get right back to it against the Ohio St. Buckeyes the following week.

In last week's BlogPoll Top 25 at SB Nation, the Spartans were ranked very high, at No. 8, but they've plummeted in the latest rankings, posted Tuesday by Andy Hutchins. They find themselves down 14 spots, all the way at No. 22, with only Northwestern, Mississippi and the Ohio Bobcats below them.

After losing in their opening matchup to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Michigan Wolverines have rattled off two-straight wins, beating Air Force and Massachusetts. Neither win is overly impressive, so the Wolverines find themselves at No. 21 on the BlogPoll, just one spot above the Spartans and with no shift in placement from last week.

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