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Jonny Flynn Reportedly Invited To Pistons Training Camp

The Detroit Pistons are looking to improve in any way they can, and that includes bringing in players who had a lot of potential, but couldn't make the transition to the next level. For the Pistons, that means bringing in point guard Jonny Flynn, according to The Detroit News. Flynn has been invited to the Pistons' training camp in October, according to the piece.

Flynn has decent career averages, with 9.2 points and 3.9 assists per game, but injuries have plagued his career to this point. SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys had a lot to say about Flynn's career and his skills thus far:

For Flynn its been nothing but struggles, however. He was traded out of Minnesota and struggled with injuries and sparse playing time in Houston and Portland. The Pistons are thin at point guard with only Will Bynumbacking up Brandon Knight. Flynn has zero offensive game to speak of, but in the 18-game stint he had with the Blazers he showed that he could be a capable ball distributor off the bench, averaging 3.8 assists in only 15.6 minutes per game.

They go on to note that the odds of Flynn making the roster are not in his favor, as it would need to result in Detroit trading somebody away or releasing someone else. Still, he's just 23 years old and if he manages to get over his injury troubles, he could prove himself worth a roster spot, though it's hard to imagine him showing he's worth the high draft status initially invested in him.

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