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Nick Fairley's lawyer requests pretrial diversion program for DUI arrest

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley's lawyer requested, "that the player be allowed to go through a pretrial diversion program instead of facing a trial in Alabama," on Wednesday, as Melissa Nelson Gabriel of the Detroit Free Press reports.

Fairley's trial in Mobile County District Court was scheduled to begin on Wednesday morning, but attorney Sid Harrell filed paperwork with the county requesting that Fairley undergo a first-time DUI course after stipulating a first-time DUI. Fairley was charged with DUI and attempting to elude police during the summer following his May 27 arrest.

Fairley was not in court on Wednesday, as he was participating in the Lions' practice in Allen Park during the morning. Harrell said that he expected a hearing to be scheduled for the pretrial diversion program sometime in the next two months, depending on Fairley's NFL schedule.

Over the first three games of the season, Fairley has recorded two tackles, one sack and one fumble recovery.