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Ohio State vs. Michigan State 2012: Spartans can't capitalize on Buckeyes mistakes in loss

The Michigan State Spartans settled for too many field goals and couldn't capitalize on Ohio State's mistakes as they fell to the Buckeyes on Saturday, 17-16.

Mike Carter-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Michigan State Spartans could not capitalize on Ohio State mistakes Saturday, settling for three field goals and eventually falling the the Buckeyes, 17-16.

Ohio State turned the ball over three times, yet the Spartans could only find the end zone one time Saturday. Dan Conroy converted three of four field goal attempts to put points on the board for Michigan State, but in the end it was a touchdown, not field goals that they needed. As SB Nation's Michigan State blog The Only Colors writes, the loss hurts, but it's hardly a death blow to the 2012 season.

It hurts because we had plenty of chances, but Michigan and Nebraska both play at Ohio State, so it's fairly likely to be a wash if, as expected in the preseason, it comes down to the three of us...But we cannot afford to throw away another one by stalling out and settling for field goals.

Next up is Indiana. Hopefully that will be an opportunity to get healthy and work out the kinks in the offense a little more before the division games start.

Michigan State enters next Saturday's contest with Indiana with a 3-2 record.