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Tigers clinch at least a 1-game playoff with White Sox

The Detroit Tigers are guaranteed at least one more home game at Comerica Park.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

With their win over the Minnesota Twins Sunday, and a loss by the Chicago White Sox, the Detroit Tigers have clinched at least a one-game playoff with the White Sox.

The Tigers hold a three-game lead over Chicago with three games to play. A win by the Tigers in any of their three remaining games with the Kansas City Royals, they will clinch the division.

The situation Detroit is currently in is is very similar to the one they were in at the end of the 2009 season. The Tigers held a three-game lead with four to play, only to squander the lead and lose it to the Minnesota Twins in a tie-breaker. Fans are hoping that this time around, the Tigers can finish the job and get the team back to the playoffs.

The Sox were leading the division from May 29 until Sept. 25, but their collapse at the hands of the Tigers continues. They fell in what was a must-win game to the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, 6-2.