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Tigers/White Sox Sets ESPN Ratings Record In Detroit

Games between two teams in a tight pennant race typically inspire fans who can't make it into the ballpark to watch at home. Last Sunday's game between the Tigers and White Sox, when Detroit pulled into a tie for first place in the American League Central with a 4-2 win, got all sorts of local folks to tune in.


The game earned a 14.6 rating in the Detroit television market. For those of you who aren't Nielsen junkies, that means that 14.6 percent of households in Detroit watched the game, or at least had ESPN on during the game. Sunday night's AL Central tilt brought ESPN a 1.2 rating nationwide, meaning about 1.2 percent of the approximately 116 million American households with a TV watched.


The Tigers fell a game behind the White Sox with Tuesday night's loss to the Indians. Detroit and Chicago have four games between them remaining -- all next week, and all at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.


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