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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Lions could draft D-line high once again

The Detroit Lions could be looking at yet another high pick on their defensive line when the 2013 NFL Draft rolls around.


The Detroit Lions certainly have their issues, falling short of expectations big time this past season. Now they'll look forward to try and add some key pieces in free agency, and to a greater extent, the 2013 NFL Draft. Offensively and defensively, the team looked lost this season, and their needs are pretty expansive.

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That being said, they are only one season removed from looking like one of the NFL's elite, so if they manage to pick up some strong talent this offseason and move past the issues of last season, the Lions could really find themselves in a good position.

Dan Kadar of SB Nation released his latest mock draft on Monday, and he has the Lions taking Bjoern Werner, a defensive end out of Florida State.

Doing a mock draft before free agency always leads to plenty of assumption. It's difficult to project where free agents will land, but it's easy to guess where they'll leave. Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is facing free agency again, and if he's not brought back Detroit will need pass rush help. Werner is the best natural end available here. He's a technician on the defensive line and could be a good foil next to Ndamukong Suh.

Detroit has invested a lot into the defensive line recently, so the pick of Werner does seem like somewhat of a luxury. That being said, as noted by Kadar, the Lions do have some players coming up in free agency. Kyle Vanden Bosch is also starting to show his age, which also helps the credibility of this pick.

The Lions have had a strong pass rush, which will be bolstered by Werner, but he's also a solid run stopper, which has been an issue for Detroit as well. They have some needs, and defensive line may not be the top among them, but few would argue Werner's talent and his ability to start next to Suh.