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Pistons trade rumors: Detroit will likely be quiet prior to the deadline

After acquiring Jose Calderon back on Jan. 30, it appears the Pistons might not make any more moves before Thursday's trade deadline. If they do, one player who could leave town is backup guard Will Bynum.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

With a young roster and the recent acquisition of Jose Calderon, it appears as though the Detroit Pistons might not make any moves prior to Thursday's trade deadline, according to Yahoo!'s Marc Spears.

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The Pistons biggest move may have come back on Jan. 30, when they acquired Calderon in a three-team trade that sent veteran Tayshaun Prince and fourth-year forward Austin Daye to Memphis. Calderon has averaged 15 points and seven assists in seven games with Detroit.

If the Pistons were to trade anyone on their current roster before Thursday's deadline however, one name which seems to make sense is backup guard Will Bynum. Bynum will be a free agent this offseason, and with both Calderon and second-year player Brandon Knight cutting into his minutes at point guard, Bynum does seem expendable.

DetroitBadBoys earlier referenced a article in which Chris Sheridan mentioned that one deal that might make sense for Bynum, is a three-team trade with Oklahoma City and Toronto.

According to Sheridan, the Pistons would like Thunder backup guard Eric Maynor and a first-round pick from Toronto as part of the deal.