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Selection Sunday 2013: Time, TV schedule, streaming and more

Michigan and Michigan State will be top four seeds in the NCAA tournament, but who will they be playing and where? You'll have to watch the Selection Show to find out - and here's how.

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The NCAA Selection Show might be one of the events of the sports year where the least stuff actually happens, but it's appointment viewing for any college basketball fan.

Sure, it's just some CBS talking-heads revealing decisions made by the NCAA Selection Committee - likely done Sunday morning, well before the conclusion of any of Sunday's four championship games - slightly before anybody else sees them. But there's something awesome about it: the first view of a bracket region just waiting to be filled in, the cutaway shots of teams going nuts over seeing their matchup, and, of course, for bubble teams and their fans, it's a chance to find out whether or not they'll be in the college basketball season's premier event, or whether they'll be going to the NIT.

The Selection Show starts at 6 p.m. after the finale of the Big Ten Tournament, featuring the squads that knocked off Michigan and Michigan State. Luckily, they're both still in line for top 4 seeds - losing to Wisconsin and Ohio State isn't exactly bad - but they won't find out their exact destination until 6 p.m. along with the rest of us.

As noted, the show starts at 6 p.m. on CBS. Here is where to watch a live stream via the NCAA's March Madness Live. And if you're not in front of a TV, you can use the March Madness Live iTunes app available here.

As for today's college basketball action, here's how it breaks down:

1 p.m., ESPN: ACC Championship game, North Carolina vs. Miami

1 p.m., CBS: A-10 Championship game, VCU vs. St. Louis

1 p.m., ABC: SEC Championship game, Ole Miss vs. Florida

3:30 p.m. CBS: Big Ten Championship game, Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

Want to get the scoop on who's likely in and out? Check SB Nation's Bracketology StoryStream as well as our March Madness hub, which has full coverage of the tournament and everything about it.

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