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Matthew Stafford Expected To Start Against Redskins

Matthew Stafford has been out for the Lions ever since the first game of the season, but the good news for Detroit fans is that plans calls for him to start in two weeks against the Redskins. Detroit is off next Sunday with a bye, but when they take the field again in two weeks, Stafford should be in the lineup as the starting quarterback.

Although Stafford missed a lot of time, there really wasn't a very big drop off at the quarterback position because Shaun Hill did such a good job starting. The problem now is that Hill is out with an injury of his own, so the importance of Stafford's return has been exemplified. Drew Stanton didn't look terrible against the Giants, but with him there is quite a drop off from Stafford, so it's key that Detroit gets the 2009 No. 1 overall pick back. Thankfully, it appears that if everything goes according to plan, Stafford will in fact be back on Halloween.