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Matthew Stafford Returns To Practice For Lions

Although 18 Lions players missed practice today, the good news is that Matthew Stafford was not one of them.

Stafford, who has been out since the first game of the season with a shoulder injury, was able to give it a go for the first time since getting hurt, further indicating that he will likely play next week against the Redskins. (Detroit has a bye this week.) With Shaun Hill on the sideline watching with an injury of his own, Stafford went through all of the throwing drills, and yesterday in a day filled with interviews, including one with Pride of Detroit, Stafford indicated that he is going to play on Halloween against Washington assuming everything goes according to plan.

Interestingly, Stafford was one of only five starters on offense to actually practice. About half of the starting defense was out as well, so it was a practice filled with backups.