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Wide Receiver Says Matthew Stafford Threw A Ball 70-Plus Yards In Practice

When I saw this Detroit Free Press headline, I had to double-check the date; I thought it might be from before the season or last year. Nope -- October 20, 2010. That's a little over five weeks after Matthew Stafford separated his throwing shoulder in the first half of the season opener. Well, today, in a practice that seemed like a casual dry run through drills with 18 players sitting out, Stafford suited up and let everybody know his shoulder is as good as new

"He launched one just to let everybody know he’s still got it," receiver Mike Moore said. "I think he threw it probably like 70 yards in the air … and everybody was like, 'We know he’s back.'"

After practice Stafford said nonchalantly that he feels like he's up around 100% healthy. Barring any setbacks, it looks like Stafford is officially back. Let's just hope his linemen will have his back.