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Zack Follett Talks Injury, To Meet With Specialist Next Week

In an interview with The Detroit News, Lions linebacker Zack Follett talked extensively about the injury he suffered during last Sunday's game against the Giants. Follett, who suffered the injury while covering a kickoff, described what happened after he was inadvertently hit helmet-to-helmet by New York's Jason Pierre-Paul.

"The scariest part was losing feeling in my arms," he said. "I was just laying there kind of trying to calm myself down. I couldn't feel anything at first. Then a couple minutes went by where I started to feel pinches and scratches on my leg. 

"There was a big sigh of relief then. My neck was just kind of on fire at that point." 

Follett went on to say that he did not suffer "just a stinger" and he will be "back in action in a couple of weeks." On Twitter today, Follett said this:

Getting better movement in my neck. Plan to see cervical specialist next thursday, then I'll go from there

Hopefully Follett's visit to the cervical specialist will go well and he will be able to return soon. Either way, I'm just glad he seems to be doing fine now, as the injury was very scary.