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Matthew Stafford Out This Week, Finally Tests Shoulder

As you probably know by now, Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is out for the fourth straight game because of his shoulder injury. Shaun Hill will start at QB for Detroit yet again, although there is some hope that Stafford could be returning soon.

It's official: Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford did indeed throw a football on Wednesday. 

But don't get excited. He played three-way catch before practice, throwing soft 15-yard passes with Shaun Hill and Drew Stanton. He did not have his helmet and did not take part in practice.

It's not much, but it's progress.

Stafford wouldn't reveal what the timetable for his return is or how close he is to being back, not even to kids that asked him during an event at Ford Field on Tuesday. He, like Jim Schwartz, has been very vague about the injury throughout this whole process, so we've been left to speculate on his actions. Up until Wednesday, there wasn't much to speculate on, but Stafford actually starting to throw the ball is a promising sign in my mind.