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Lions Reportedly Claim QB Zac Robinson Off Waivers

Jim Schwartz may not be explicitly confirming anything in regards to Matthew Stafford or Shaun Hill's injuries, but the team's actions are speaking loud and clear. The Lions reportedly claimed QB Zac Robinson off of waivers today, pretty much guaranteeing that Stafford will not play this Sunday (as was indicated) and suggesting Hill may not be ready to start or back up Drew Stanton, either. 

Zac Robinson is a rookie out of Oklahoma State where he threw for over 8,000 yards and 65 touchdowns (a handful of those to Lions TE Brandon Pettigrew). He was recently with the Seahawks practice squad, and signed when Matt Hasselback was out with a concussion. 

The chances of seeing Robinson play for the Lions this weekend are slim, as he'll only have a few days to learn the playbook. However, if Shaun Hill doesn't progress with his injury, it's likely Robinson will indeed be backing up Stanton. Should Stanton get injured, though, well, Barry help us.