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Shaun Hill Named Lions' Starting Quarterback By Jim Schwartz

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz has named Shaun Hill as the team's starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills. After Matthew Stafford went down during the Jets game, the fear was that Drew Stanton would have to start in Buffalo since Hill is recovering from a broken left forearm, but that will not be the case. Hill, though he was limited a bit in practice today, will get the start for the Lions on Sunday.

Hill doesn't believe he will be limited during Sunday's game. As mentioned earlier today, he was unable to take snaps from under center during practice, but by Sunday that apparently won't be an issue. Even if it was still a problem, the Lions could probably get by running strictly the shotgun and pistol since both of those formations are used quite a bit already.

Hill has appeared in six games this season, two of which he played for only one half. In those six appearances, he threw for 1,309 yards while completing 61.1 percent of his passes. He threw nine touchdowns and seven interceptions and also picked up 78 yards rushing on 14 carries.