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Report: Matthew Stafford Hurt His Shoulder Twice Against Jets

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford originally hurt his right shoulder in the second quarter of last Sunday’s game versus the New York Jets. He continued to play with the injury until being tackled and landing on the shoulder in the fourth quarter, causing him to leave the game.

Stafford is scheduled to meet with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham on Monday to examine what’s been reported as a Grade 3 shoulder separation.

But after looking at a preliminary MRI of the shoulder, Andrews informed the Lions that the separation does not appear to be as serious as the one suffered by Sam Bradford last year at Oklahoma.

That doesn’t mean that Stafford still won’t require surgery. Obviously, far more will be known after Andrews examines the shoulder himself. Even without surgery, however, Mortensen says it would be unlikely that Stafford plays again this season.