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Lions Bringing Back Throwbacks For Thanksgiving Game Against Patriots

A week from Thursday when the Lions play the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving, Detroit will bring out its throwback jerseys for the first time since 2008.


The Lions wore their throwbacks a couple times back in 2008 and lost not just every game in those jerseys, but every game that season. In the two games when they did wear the jerseys, against the Jaguars and Titans (on Thanksgiving), the Lions lost by scores of 38-14 and 47-10, respectively.


The Patriots are currently tied for having the best record in the NFL, so the jerseys the Lions wear on Thanksgiving probably won't matter. On paper, this game shapes up to be quite the struggle for the Lions. Then again, the last time these two teams played on Thanksgiving, back in 2002, Detroit lost by only eight points. I suppose a Thanksgiving miracle isn't totally out of the question.