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Lions' C.C. Brown Doesn't Care About Being On Worst NFL Players List Unless He's Asked About It

One of my personal philosophies is that if you're going to do something, you might as well get noticed for it. That's not always a good thing, of course. It appears that C.C. Brown of the Detroit Lions sees it that way.

Brown was recently listed on Deadspin's rankings of The Worst Players in NFL History. He was actually ranked No. 90. In my view, that's actually pretty good. Brown's not just bad. He's historically bad. But again, Brown has a different opinion.

From the Detroit Free Press:

I mean, I really don’t give a (bleep) about it," Brown said. "It is what it is, man. (Bleep) that list. Whoever said it, you can tell them I said (bleep) their list and (bleep) them, too.

"It is what it is" usually says very little. But in this case, it's exactly the right quote.

Oh, wait - Brown isn't done yet. Please continue.

"They’re going to put who they want on that list," Brown said. "There’s a bunch of guys out there that’s so-called supposed to be the man, but they’re sorry as (bleep), but they ain’t going to put them on that list because that’s probably one of their guys when they were coming out. To the guy that got that list, he can kiss my (butt). Quote that."

There you go. That's just what the Freep's Dave Birkett did. You can't say he doesn't listen.

Everything gets back to everyone these days on the internet, of course. So the author of the list, Jeff Pearlman, heard about Brown's response. What did Pearlman have to say?

Obviously, I’m not offended or mad or upset or anything. Brown has a right to be pissed off, even though the list really was just one guy’s opinion.

Not even one (bleep), Jeff? That's a little disappointing. But hey, it is what it is.

Other Detroit Lions on the list? Linebacker Bobby Carpenter is No. 98. Wide receiver Charles Rogers is No. 79. Drew Henson is No. 61. (Was that Lloyd Carr who just laughed?) Further on down is quarterback Jeff Komlo at No. 15.

But just in case you didn't think Pearlman did his research, the Lions have several other players on this list that played in Detroit back in the 1950s and 1960s. And if you've heard of any of them, mention so in the comments. You might as well get noticed for it.