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Matthew Stafford To Start Some Light Throwing

The Detroit Lions' prized quarterback Matthew Stafford, who has missed all but a little over two games this season, said during his weekly radio interview with Mitch Albom that he expects to start throwing lightly this week.

Stafford is recovering from a second injury to his throwing shoulder, which he sustained on November 7 against the Jets. According to Dave Birkett, this puts Stafford on approximately the same timetable as the first injury, which he suffered during Week 1 against the Bears and kept him out until Week 8 against the Redskins. 

If the timetables are indeed the same, that means we could see Stafford return Week 16 when the Lions play in Miami. The Lions end their season the following week when they play the Vikings at home. If Stafford plays both of the final games, which I'm all for if his shoulder is fully healthy, he still won't have a full season of NFL football under his belt before entering his third year in 2011.