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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Lions Stay At No. 30 Despite Loss

In the Week 13 edition of NFL power rankings on SB Nation, the Lions again are ranked 30th. This shouldn't be too surprising considering the Lions' loss to New England was their fourth in a row, keeping them at the bottom of the rankings. Detroit went winless in November after closing out October with an impressive win over the Redskins. When Matthew Stafford got hurt against the Jets, the Lions were ahead and had lots of promise for the rest of the season. New York came back and won in overtime, however, and it's been all downhill ever since for the Lions.


In the rest of the NFC North, the Bears have jumped up to eighth after beating Philadelphia. The Packers lost a close game to the Falcons and are now ranked seventh. Minnesota got a win in Leslie Frazier's first game as interim head coach but is still ranked 28th.


The two teams ranked below the Lions are the Panthers (31st) and Cardinals (32nd), which are 1-10 and 3-8, respectively. Carolina looked like it was going to pick up its second win of the season on Sunday, but John Kasay missed a last second field goal, giving the Browns a one-point win. Arizona got destroyed on Monday Night Football and has lost six in a row. Ranked right above the Lions is Cincinnati, which, like Detroit, is 2-9.


The Lions will definitely have chances to move up in the coming weeks if they can pull off divisional upsets against the Bears on Sunday and/or the Packers next week. Both teams are fighting for a spot in the playoffs, so it won't be easy, but wins over top ten teams in the power rankings would certainly vault the Lions up from 30th.