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Shaun Hill Practices, But Won't Be Available On Sunday

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Lions back up quarterback Shaun Hill, who broke his left forearm in Week 6 against the New York Giants, returned to practice on Thursday, but will not be available on Sunday if needed (via MLIVE): 

The Lions don't have any concerns about his ability to throw the ball, but he'll have to show he can take snaps and hand the ball off before he's named the No. 2 quarterback on game day.

Drew Stanton will remain at No. 2 with receiver Derrick Williams serving as the emergency quarterback.

Ideally, there will be no need for Shaun Hill to play the rest of the season and he can quietly re-assume the back up duties without anybody noticing. Having said that, Hill was more than serviceable while Stafford was injured, so it'll be nice insurance to have him back manning the No. 1 clipboard.