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Jets' Bart Scott Calls Lions A Dirty Team

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The New York Jets escaped Detroit with a 23-20 overtime win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. But Jets linebacker Bart Scott was still fighting mad after the comeback victory, calling the Lions a dirty team.

From Newsday's Bob Glauber (via Twitter):

Bart Scott on Lions: "They're by far the dirtiest football team since I played the Titans. I swear to God I hope I see them again in life."

Interesting connection Scott made there, as Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator with the Tennessee Titans before coming to Detroit three years ago.

Did Scott realize that when he made his remarks to Glauber? Scott seems like a pretty smart guy, so the guess here is that he knew exactly what he was saying. Scott didn't elaborate on what the Lions may have done to warrant such an accusation (or Glauber didn't quote him). Perhaps we'll hear more on that in the next couple of days 

The Titans have a reputation around the NFL for so-called dirty play, such as chop blocks and hitting after the whistle blows. Just Google "Titans" and "dirty team," and see how many links, teams and players come up. Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher insists his team is aggressive, however, and plenty of opposing players agree. 

(via Pro Football Talk)

UPDATE: As you might expect, Lions center Dominic Raiola didn't think too much of Scott's complaints.

From Dave Birkett (via Twitter):

Dominic Raiola's response: "Bart Scott talks too much. He needs to shut up and play football. Him and Jason Taylor talk too much.

Click over to Birkett's Twitter feed for more quotes from Raiola.