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Matthew Stafford Doesn't Think He Will Play Against Bills

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford left Sunday's game against the Jets late in the fourth quarter with a right shoulder injury. Stafford came down on the same shoulder that kept him out for the first part of the season and immediately appeared to be in pain. Although the fall didn't seem to be all that hard (he simply was caught from behind on a scramble and landed on the shoulder), it injured his right shoulder again, causing him to miss the final minutes of the Jets game.

Jim Schwartz said on Monday that Stafford did not aggravate the injury from earlier this season. According to what doctors told Schwartz, this is a new injury and Stafford's old injury was healed, so "it's starting over from square one." Schwartz didn't reveal too much else about Stafford's injury, declining to say how long it could keep the Lions' starting QB out.

Stafford didn't speak in detail about his injury during his appearance on Mitch Albom's radio show on Monday, but he did say that he probably will miss at least the Bills game this upcoming Sunday.

Making his weekly appearance on Free Press columnist Mitch Albom's radio show tonight, Stafford said, "I don't think so," when asked whether he expects to play Sunday at the Buffalo Bills.

Stafford had an MRI on his right shoulder on Monday. The results of the MRI will likely be sent to Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion. Andrews met with Stafford earlier in the season after the first injury. Although surgery, according to Schwartz, is not an option currently, the Lions want to get a second opinion from someone who has dealt with Stafford's injured shoulder before.