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Will Lions' Shaun Hill Be Ready To Play Against Bills?

With Matthew Stafford doubtful to play against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, the Lions are once again likely going to have to start a backup at quarterback. When Stafford was hurt earlier in the season, the Lions turned to Shaun Hill, who played great in place of Stafford. The problem now is that Hill is also injured, so the Lions may have to turn to third-string quarterback Drew Stanton for Sunday's game against the Bills.

Hill did return to practice on a limited basis last week and was dressed as the emergency quarterback on Sunday against the Jets. Today, Jim Schwartz simply said that Hill "could potentially be ready" to play against the Bills. How likely is it? It's not clear, but Schwartz said after the Jets game that Hill wouldn't have been able to do much if he had to go in the game.

"He was active only to hand the ball off. He couldn't have done anything other than take a snap and hand the ball off, so there was no consideration (of putting him in). A little bit like Matt a couple weeks ago. It was only up in case of a dire emergency."

A lot could change in the next few days, but considering on Sunday all Hill could do was hand the ball off, I have a bad feeling that Drew Stanton will be starting for the Lions in Buffalo. The Bills are winless right now, but like the Lions, they have played better than their record indicates, so this could be their chance to end the victory drought.