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Lions Vs. Bears: Detroit Reaches Sellout

The Lions announced earlier today that they reached a sellout for Sunday's game against the Bears. It is their fifth sellout of the season, leaving the Redskins game as the only one that has been blacked out locally so far this season.

With Sunday's game being sold out, 2010 will have the most sellouts in a season since 2007 for the Lions. In 2007, the Lions sold out all eight home games, but in recent years that number had dropped drastically. This year, however, the number of sold out games is back on the up and up.

After Sunday the Lions will have two home games left: one next week against the Packers and one in the final week of the season against Minnesota. There is a good chance both of those games could be sellouts. There are no guarantees obviously, but I'm sure the Lions would be ecstatic with only having one game blacked out this year given their bad record and the state of the local economy.