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Pro Bowl Voting Update: Ndamukong Suh Leads Defensive Tackles In Votes Received

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The NFL released an update on the 2011 Pro Bowl voting today. Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is still leading not only the NFC, but the entire NFL in votes received for defensive tackles. He has more than 300,000 votes so far, and voting doesn't close until next Monday.


Suh is the only Lions player leading his position in votes. Only one player per position is listed, but if the teams were announced today, Suh would be the only Lion to be guaranteed a spot in the game. Even so, it's likely that the Lions will not only end their Pro Bowl drought this season, but they will also have multiple players headed to Hawaii for the game.


Aside from Suh, Calvin Johnson is a good bet to make the Pro Bowl for the Lions. He is leading the NFC in touchdowns with 12 and has 63 catches for 916 yards so far this season. And let's remember, Johnson has done all of this despite Matthew Stafford missing most of the season and Shaun Hill missing time as well.


Other Lions that are at least in contention for a spot in the Pro Bowl are tight end Brandon Pettigrew and returner Stefan Logan. They don't have a great shot at getting to play in the game, but depending on which teams make the Super Bowl and if any injuries happen, it's possible for one or both of these two players to make the game.