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Drew Stanton Takes No. 1 Reps For Lions

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On Wednesday, Shaun Hill took the No. 1 reps at quarterback for the Lions, suggesting that he will get the start for Detroit on Sunday against the Dolphins. Today, however, it was Drew Stanton taking the No. 1 reps. Stanton and Hill got an equal number of reps overall, but because each has had a day with the first team, it's unclear if either player truly has the edge to start on Sunday.

Although Hill is continuing to work his way back from a broken right finger, Stanton has won two consecutive games. Had he not separated his left shoulder against Tampa Bay, it wouldn't have surprised me if Jim Schwartz went ahead and named him the starter. Yes, Hill is ahead of Stanton on the depth chart, but Stanton has the hot hand as far as I'm concerned.

The one issue is how much pain Stanton is in because of his injury. It didn't seem to affect him much in the second half/overtime against Tampa Bay, but one has to wonder if it is now tougher to deal with without the injection and adrenaline. If that is the case, then Schwartz may be inclined to start Hill, although it could just be a coin flip at this point.

It's unlikely Schwartz will announce a starter before Sunday, which is what happened last week.