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Lions Vs. Vikings: Detroit Reaches Sellout For Sunday's Game

The Detroit Lions have announced a sellout for Sunday's season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. Sunday's game will be the Lions' seventh sellout of the season, the most they've had since 2007 when all eight home games were sold out.

The only game that was not a sellout this season was the Lions' win on Halloween against the Washington Redskins. Early on in the season it seemed like blackouts could be a common theme to home games just like they have been the past two seasons, especially after the game on Halloween was blacked out, but that turned out to not be the case at all. Despite the bad record, fans' interest in attending Lions games seemed to go up as the season progressed, which is why only one ended up being blacked out.

As mentioned yesterday, this is a very good sign going forward. It's no secret that the economy isn't that great, and teams around the league are having blackout problems of their own. Despite this, the Lions managed to sell out seven home games this season and at best they will have a 6-10 record. Imagine the demand for tickets if the Lions actually start winning more often than not.